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Transmission Repair

Expert Transmission Diagnostics & Maintenance Services

Many drivers forget to perform maintenance on their vehicle’s automatic transmission at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. For most passenger cars and light trucks, this should be done every 30K to 60K miles. Why? The job of your transmission is to provide the right amount of power to your wheels at a given speed.

A transmission is made up of several components that must work in tandem, including a torque converter, gear set, pump, clutches, bands, sensors, valve body, fluid (ATF) and fluid filter. With normal driving, the potential exists for any of these to wear out, resulting in a vehicle that shifts roughly, leaks fluid, experiences reduced gas mileage or won’t drive at all.

Manual transmissions are simpler, composed of a gear shifter, gear box and clutch. But those parts can also wear out and require replacements. At A&B Transmission, we have the know-how and experience to thoroughly inspect, diagnose and service transmissions on all vehicle makes and models, manual or automatic. In fact, people around the Eagle Lake are have trusted us with their vehicles’ transmissions since 1981!

Transmission Trouble Warning Signs

  • Fluid Leaks- Look for a pinkish red puddle, with a sweet or tart odor, on the pavement beneath your parked vehicle. There are many things that can cause leaking, including recent engine work, a leaky transmission pan, damaged bell housings or worn seals and gaskets.
  • Warning Light- Newer vehicles have sensors that alert you when something is wrong with your transmission. The most common issue these computers detect is overheated transmission fluid, which is an indication something is operating poorly within your transmission. If your dashboard transmission light comes on, bring it to the pros at A&B Transmission and we’ll quickly check it out and perform any needed transmission maintenance.
  • Dipstick Level- Pulling the transmission fluid dipstick and checking the fill level is another way to diagnose a leak. A consistently low level could mean a leaky seal, pan or gasket, so it’s wise to then look for fluid puddles where you park.
  • Strange Noises- With manual transmissions, this is most commonly a grinding sound when shifting. Typically, this indicates a worn clutch, but it could be something else. For automatics, you may notice a shimmying as the car shifts. It’s possible to also notice a whining, buzzing or humming sound. If any of these noises are present, bring your vehicle to the reliable technicians at A&B and we’ll get it inspected and offer the most affordable solutions in town.
  • Hesitation- If your vehicle hesitates noticeably upon acceleration, it could be caused by a number of problems, including a poorly-performing transmission. With manual transmissions, the engine will seem to rev up faster than the vehicle is driving.  Hesitation issues with automatic transmissions will be noticeable when you shift your auto into “park” or “drive”. If you experience any of these problems, bring your vehicle to the transmission diagnostics experts at A&B Transmission.

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